Text 12 Apr

I saw a t-shirt that said, “I’m fucking stupid.”

Talk about open to interpretation …

Text 12 Apr

“This time, it looks like you sucked off more than you can swallow.”

Text 12 Apr

I did it – I’m guilty.

1000 lashes with a wet … poodle.

Text 12 Apr

“Baby, I have the key to your lock.”

“It’s a retina scan.”

“That’s okay – I don’t mind looking in it first.”

Text 12 Apr

Pussies afraid of water?

Not after they come swimming.

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“Big Dong is making some noise tonight.”

Doesn’t everyone name their grandfather clock?

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welcome to my crib


welcome to my crib

Text 11 Apr

“Wear your panties?

I’ll wear them right out, if you want me to.”

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